Virtual Laboratory

Digital Twins – The MyoRobot vLab

The necessity of innovative digital teaching has become even more important since March 2020. But innovation in teaching goes beyond online file repositories and requires an immersive and engaging scenario that presents as real as possible. Therefore, and to build a virtual teaching platform for all possible users of the MyoRobot, we have already set up a virtual laboratory in StudOn, the university’s digital teaching and organisation platform. But, we strive to take this effort one step further and augment real-life immersion into the virtual space. As such, we created a Digital Twin of our MyoRobot that comprises all functions of the original device. The Digital Twin allows to visualize the beam path of the inbuilt optics system, enables free disassembly of all possible building parts to better understand its engineering conception and allows to observe the system in operation. This innovative teaching approach promotes an explorative learning aspect in an entirely new fashion and will serve as a stepping stone to transfer an entire laboratory into the virtual space. We envision a fully immersive, edu-game-like experience with adaptive feedback that allows numerous interested persons, students and users to encounter the MyoRobot first hand. In the virtual space, they will learn the background of biomechanics research, the know-how to independently operate the MyoRobot  and gain the confidence to conduct investigations with the system, all before entering the real lab.

In the following, you will find two videos (1st one in German, 2nd one in English) that will introduce you to our concept and our vision of a virtual lab that would enhance and complement the study experience and staff training in a sustainable manner. If you are interested in further impressions, please continue to our media footage page (next page).

German introduction video

English introduction video