Welcome at the Institute of Medical Biotechnology

The Institute of Medical Biotechnology provides an umbrella research and teaching facility that brings together biomedical and natural scientists and with engineers from process engineering, mechatronics, optical engineering and sensorics to work in a multidisciplinary and competitive research environment. We provide an interface between biomedical sciences, life sciences and bioengineering. Our focus in Medical Biotechnology is dedicated towards ‚Technologies in Life Sciences and Biotechnology to increase our Understanding and Manipulation of Organ (Dys-)function‘. This is fueled by combining research on medical disease and principles of biotechnology and biomedical engineering to develop technical strategies to asses diagnostics and possible disease therapies.

Topics covered at the Institute of Medical Biotechnology reach from malaria biotechnology, biomechatronics in muscle, high-throughput biology & robophotonics, advanced optical technologies in Life Sciences (e.g. multiphoton (endo-)microscopy), as well as regenerative medicine (tissue engineering).

A joint focus through the different groups is to develop and expand the field of opto-biomechatronics, an area that brings together biophotonics and biomechatronics in holistic engineering of novel systems technologies to directly assess structure-function relationships of tissues and bioartificial constructs in health, disease and bioengineering.

Our institute is well connected to local and international collaborators (i.e. Canada, USA and Australia) and promotes internationalization of state-of-the-art research to meet the rapid growing expectations in biotechnology research and industry for the future of life sciences.

On May 16th, we bid farewell to Prof. Barbara Kappes, who will retire after an illustrious career. Prof. Kappes has been an integral part of our institution from its inception, significantly shaping our institute's profile and reputation. Throughout her tenure, Prof. Kappes dedicated her research...

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On April 24th, we gathered to celebrate the retirement of Gerhard Prölß and bid farewell to Daniela Dunst as she transitions to a new position within our organization. Gerhard Prölß has been with us from the very beginning, playing a crucial role in building the MBT into what it is today. His pat...

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On 29. of June, we had the pleasure of hosting Associate Professor Ivan Kempson (part of the Visiting Professor programme at FAU), a distinguished researcher and expert in the fields of bio-inorganic chemistry, surface science, and nanotechnology, for a captivating scientific talk on radiation thera...

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It is our great pleasure to welcome Prof. Dr. Petra Rohrbach from McGill University (Québec) and announce her special seminar as part of the Immunological Colloquium of the Medical Immunology Campus Erlangen. Her talk on “Malaria extracellular vesicles: decoding their message in the human host” will...

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