Our Labs


The Institute of Medical Biotechnology offers two locations well designed for professional research amongst our multidisciplinary fields of study.

Laboratory Ulrich-Schalk-Str. 3

Laboratory Paul-Gordan-Str. 7

The laboratory building of the Ulrich-Schalk-Str. 3 looks modern with its grey panelling and yellow window framing. Laboratory of the Paul-Gordan-Str. 7. Adjacent to the red bricks of a building, a window front reflects the facade of the institute building opposing it.

The laboratories of Ulrich-Schalk-Str. 3 are composed of ~250m² high-tech space PC1 and PC2 environments housing the Malaria and Microbial Biotechnology group as well as the critical high-end Advanced Imaging facilities, Tissue Engineering and High-throughput Biology & Robophotonics that are in-built within the PC2 environment.

The hallmark of this facility are two multifocal multiphoton microscopy systems, as well as widefield fluorescence research microscope for rapid Calcium imaging, which are available for the institute’s own research groups and collaborations. Multi purpose cell culture environment is realized by state of the art sterile benches and incubators alongside high performing cell culture microscopes and systems for automated protein purification, as well as electrophoresis and Western Blot analysis. Further, a custom-designed automated fluorescence-based life-cell imaging system with integrated liquid-handling robotics is available for single cell-based chemical and genetic screening.

The laboratory of Paul-Gordan-Str. 7 specializes on Muscle Biomechanics and provides a PC2 cell culture facility, partly reserved for student internships and shared with the SAOT graduate school.

Apart from preparation microscopes and fine dissection instruments, the lab houses three of our custom-built ‚MyoRobot‘- automated biomechatronics platforms, which are continuously improved and re-engineered to meet the demands of a versatile, point-of-care research device for multipurpose and interdisciplinary application in myology or biopolymer material sciences.

The PC2 environment is tailored for regenerative muscle studies within the ‚BioMyo‘ bioreactor platform, which is currently under development and therefore harbors standard equipment to perform basic molecular biology and protein biochemical work. Further, the shared lab space is used to realize miniaturization of endoscopic cameras and thus includes a small optics workshop and a fluorescence microscope.