Maria’s farewell

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In contrast to the joyful featured image, this day was not that cheerful at all. After almost a decade, Maria Rehberger announced her farewell to fully dedicate her time to her new job as professional dog trainer. Within the eight years at the institute she resembled a beacon in the stormy sea of administration, never denied assistance and put everything in motion to keep things rolling. Therefore, we are left with mixed feelings regarding her decision, since her absence will also impact us emotionally; but we are otherwise extremely glad for her to be able to turn her hobby into a professional career. On the 8th of June we came together to show our gratitude for her being there over all the years and always having an open ear and an idea in mind of how to fix any problem. We wish you all the best for your future, are certain that your new job will fulfil you with joy and enthusiasm and thank you for your patience, ambitiousness and straightforwardness, as well as many more your things you resemble.