Doctoral Celebration of Katharina Künzel

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Katharina Künzel, successfully defended her thesis at the 27th April 2018 and obtained her doctoral degree at the Institute of Medical Biotechnology. During her time in the lab she was working on GABA-A receptors in human embryonal teratocarcinoma cells (NT2) to establish a stable cell line to express Halide sensitive YFP. Her efforts brought up a cell model to systematically screen GABA-A receptors and glycine receptors in the context of development and neuro toxicity testing. Enjoying the fittingly sunny day, her colleagues and plenty of friends joined her to celebrate the successful defence with light snacks, fruit kebabs and munchy chocolate muffins. Although her hat was at some point oddly stolen by a box tree, the mood was positively agitated and could not be diminished by this crime. The entire staff, friends, lab mates and supervisors of the MBT wish her all the best for her future and hope her to find equally good friends at her new place!