Doctoral Celebration of Sepideh Abolpour Mofrad

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Sepideh Abolpour Mofrad. On the 16th of April, Sepideh Abolpour Mofrad obtained her Doctoral Degree at the Institute of Medical Biotechnology. During her time at our Institute, she drove forward the development of a robust protocol for assessing differentiation stages in human pluripotent NT2 stem cells in-vitro, which advance as a suitable model for developmental toxicity and neurotoxicity studies. Her work will allow for systematic in vitro-based primary screening for developmental toxicants and neuro-toxicants at different stages of maturation and further contribute to reduce animal testing. Today, her colleagues and friends congratulated her for successfully defending her doctoral thesis and celebrate her graduation with cold drinks and delicious, homemade food. While she did not always wear her cell-biology themed doctoral hat, with culture flasks, petri dishes, heaps of pipette tips and even a plush neuron, one could clearly sense the happiness which spread in the entire foyer up until bellies were stuffed, drinks emptied and the early evening approached. All supervisors, colleagues, lab mates and friends at the MBT wish her all the best to and hope for her to have an equally successful future!