A natural source for muscle tissue production

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Towards a natural source for muscle tissue production, we recently achieved a new milestone together with our collaboration partner blacbird technologies. On the 18th of January, we started setting up the new MyoBio v.2 prototype. Despite its broad application, the MyoBio was generally designed to pioneer the automated creation of acellular muscle scaffolds and the subsequent re-seeding with personalized donor cells. For this task, the MyoBio v.2 is equipped with cutting-edge hardware to monitor biomechanical properties, electric excitability, and structural composition on top of the regular bioreactor monitoring of pH, temperature and so forth. The interplay between those parameters is strictly supervised by its control software, which will not only monitor and conclude the quality of the decellularizing process, but also adaptively decide when to switch to scaffold re-seeding and under which environmental parameters the process runs best. While currently still being assembled and validated, we soon hope to run the first experiments with this innovative device and gather the first data to train the software to judge scaffold quality. If our vision succeeds, we are on the verge of establishing an unlimited supply of muscle-derived biomimetic scaffolds that could be used to support muscle healing in injuries.

If you are interested to participate in this vision we would gladly discuss the matters with you in more detail. For this, feel invited to contact Paul Ritter or Dr. Michael Haug.