A modular and scalable bioprocessing platform

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Dr. Jan Saam, founder of Ospin. We very much appreciated the inspiring visit of Dr. Jan Saam, which was also accompanied by a talk in course of the CBI colloquium. Here, he introduced us to the modular bioreactor approach of his company Ospin. While Ospin on the one hand provides simple stock solutions for standardized bioprocessing applications, they also focus on scale-up and customization possibilities that allow to tailor a device specifically to the needs of the customer. Particularly, the interconnective cloud-computing and data-base approach will revolutionize and accelerate the development of tissue-engineering research by interconnecting laboratories on a global scale. The envisioned idea of cloud-sharing research data and optimized bioprocessing protocols across laboratories using the same platform would enable other scientists to connect to previous research and benefit from already made efforts to drive forward the development of their own process. Although the idea is relatively young, the company is preparing and augmenting their previous system to be elevated to such a global knowledge-sharing platform, which can also be run on other machines than the company’s, e.g. by bioreactors of a collaborator. The connected-lab concept that Dr. Jan Saam and his company envisions will furthermore pave the road for for the establishment of other bioprocess-related projects, such as „clean meat“, and already can be regarded as a resourceful advancement to the tissue-engineering community.