Visiting Prof. Ivan Kempson

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On 29. of June, we had the pleasure of hosting Associate Professor Ivan Kempson (part of the Visiting Professor programme at FAU), a distinguished researcher and expert in the fields of bio-inorganic chemistry, surface science, and nanotechnology, for a captivating scientific talk on radiation therapy and the intriguing effects of gold nanoparticles. As someone with a background in physics, Prof. Kempson has demonstrated a remarkable ability to apply physical-chemistry concepts and characterization tools to the realms of nanotechnology, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical sciences, leading to significant advancements in understanding disease, therapeutic delivery, and pharmaceutical products.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Associate Professor Ivan Kempson sharing those intriguing insights in his field of research. His work on radiation therapy and gold nanoparticles uncovered potentially new pathways in the field of medical sciences, providing invaluable insights for future advancements in the treatment of diseases.

We look forward to more enriching exchanges and collaborations with Prof. Kempson in the future and wish him continued success in his endeavors to advance scientific knowledge for the betterment of human health.