Doctoral Celebration of Dominik Schneidereit

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We all cordially congratulate Dominik Schneidereit, who successfully defended his Doctoral Thesis on November 25. Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, we could only hand him over a custom-made doctoral hat in gold from a ’social distance‘, but celebrations are just postponed not repealed. Despite that we are happy for Dominik to have passed his written and oral examination with distinction and are delighted to digitally have shared this special day with him. During his thesis, Dominik designed, engineered, programmed and optimised three diagnostics research systems, traversing from single to multi-dimension spatial resolution. Inherent to all systems is the conceptual approach to connect sample function assessment with resolving their (macro-)molecular structure and tracking respective changes. These so called structure-function relationships across dimensions are representative scaling solutions for opto-biomechatronics systems. In 1D, the MechaMorph system analyses single muscle fiber biomechanics and tightly connected structural changes by allowing two photon Second Harmonic Generation imaging. The IsoStretcher advances to the 2D dimension by representing a novel, radial, iso-tropic inplane stretch device for studying the mechano-biology of cells and tissues/bio-materials. Due to its intelligent design, it can be mounted on external research microscopes and its software allows to continuously stretch the sample while monitoring its deformation, or cell-signalling via fluorescent markers. In the 3D space, the PiezoGrin applies high pressure to the sample to analyse its intrinsic resistance and connected structural and functional changes. With his doctoral thesis, Dominik truly added dimension to structure-function analyses and demonstrated new opportunities in the field of opto-biomechatronics which is also highlighted by several high impact publications (e.g. Adv Sci, Light Sci Appl).

If you wish, you can also follow this link to the uncut version.